BLOW & DRIVE INTERLOCK CORP. (BDIC), as part of the company’s effort to provide the latest innovations not only in the Interlock market but also in Safety and Security, We are expanding our operations to include personal security products,  work security, and court mandated products. The first product we will offer is our Badge Camera.  The Badge Camera is a new generation of body worn CCTV video recorders.  Based on an ID Cardholder, the unit securely records up to 6 hours of secure High Definition Video and Audio for any vulnerable worker and individuals in a discreet easy to use design.  Click here for detailed information and or easy process to purchase the new Badge Camera  or call us at 877-238-4492


  • Easy Operation. One Touch Recording

  • Slide down on/off front plate (holds ID card or employee badge)

  • 6 hours recording and onboard storage (evidential quality video/audio)

  • Encrypted security built in (no unauthorized access to footage)

  • Sophisticated back-office management software (BadgeCam Manager) included with BadgeCam.

  • Multiple Options for mounting the BadgeCam included.

  • Automatic video download for quick reassignment

  • Durable & Weatherproof

  • Day and Night recording

  • Standard USB charging included.

  • US. 24/7 support