BLOW & DRIVE INTERLOCK CORP. (BDIC), as part of the company’s effort to eradicate drunk driving, is now offering school districts an easy and affordable solution to prevent alcohol related incidents.

A school bus driver’s main job is keeping the children they are charged with safe from dangers on the road. What happens if the bus driver is intoxicated? The sobriety of drivers can now be easily monitored before, during and after all school related driving events. The BDI-747 School Bus Unit Interlock System is aimed to aid school districts to better manage & monitor their  bus drivers, while simultaneously protecting  our smallest citizens, those who have little choice over who is driving them around, not to mention how much alcohol those adults may have consumed. The BDI-747 School Bus Interlock system offers specific features that can help keep your communities school buses running safely and smoothly.

Blow & Drive’s BDI-747 School Bus Unit Interlock System can meet any special needs, for more info please call us at 877-238-4492