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Only 100% Wireless Device

Blow & Drive's model 747 is the only 100% wireless interlock device on the market and it's compact smartphone size makes it a consumer's top pick. Our device is now approved in 4 states and we're hoping to roll it out to all 50 states soon. Read More

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100% Wireless Device

The markets only 100% wireless device


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You have got to see how cool our mobile device is. You won't believe it!

Approved in 2 States

Blow & Drive is now available in all states where interlock programs exist

About Blow & Drive's Interlock Device

The process of regaining your license is a simple one with Blow and Drive! Simply call us at (877) 238-4492 and we’ll begin helping you through the process! From calling the DMV to providing you with the proper paperwork, Blow and Drive is here to help you through the process from start to finish!

  • Complete installation and monitoring on a wide range of vehicles to help you maintain compliance with DUI conviction restrictions.

  • Reliable “alcohol specific” technology – no false positives

  • Expert technicians to help you every step of the way

  • Direct communication with the courts and Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division (DMV) to minimize hassles for you

  • Reliable customer service, so you’ve always got the support you need


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